Sitting to command

Sitting to command Teaching a puppy to sit to command is most important and must be done very thoroughly. I try to teach my pupils to drop to the word ‘Hup!’, to a single, long blast on the whistle and to the raised hand. Spaniels should also drop to shot, and I am assuming that you have already accustomed yours to the sound of gunfire so that it is neither gun-shy nor gun-nervy. Firing a gun at feeding-time at gradually decreasing distances from the kennel or house is probably the best way of getting a puppy used to gunfire. Once sitting to command has been learned by the pupil, the report of the gun must also be made to signify an immediate drop. A leather slip-lead is useful for early training — one which has a loop at one end for your hand and a ring through which the lead can be passed to form
a running noose at the other. The noose is slipped over the puppy’s head and he is gradually taught to walk without lagging behind or pulling ahead by manipulation of the lead. Jerk the lead sharply and give the erring pupil an ‘electric shock’. Usually there is a certain amount of reluctance to behave on the lead at first but puppies can be gradually accustomed to wearing collar and lead from an early age. This will be helpful when serious training starts.