Delilah (Dee)

Dee is the most beautiful all solid Chocolate/liver Working Cocker Spaniel from Championship stock.  She is Fast, a lethal hunter, Stylish, a very quick learner, rock steady, has a great delivery, and has a kind, soft and gentle loving nature and temperament and as faithful as they come which I have never experienced in a bitch before, which has proved to come out in her puppies. Throughout all her training you would only ever have to tell her once and she never forgets. She has progressed easily to a fully trained Gundog and surpassed all our expectations. She has been very exceptional and a pleasure to train,  she is also the start of our new line.

Sire: FTCH Timsgarry Valtos (Cocker Championship Winner 2008)

Dam:  Larford Remmie 

Larford Remmie (Her Mother) was bred by P W Clulee and was the Daughter of

(FTCH  Larford Evan Runner up British Cocker Championship 2002 also Litter Brother to British Cocker Championship Winner Larford Elma 2002)



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