Steadiness to thrown dummy

From this point on your puppy should never be allowed to run-in again to the thrown dummy. At first let him wear a short lead or cord and drop him beside you, holding the lead under your foot. Throw the dummy out and restrain the puppy for half a minute or more before allowing him out to retrieve, commanding him to sit should he stand up and struggle to go after the dummy, as he almost certainly will. Continue the exercise until you can safely dispense with the lead, but always be on the alert and position yourself so that you can intercept the puppy should he attempt to run-in to the thrown dummy. Keep him on the drop for an appreciable time before sending him out to retrieve, and always despatch him with the same command: ‘Fetch it!’, ‘Hi, lost!’, ‘Seek!’, or what you will. Readers may consider that I have used up a lot of space in dealing with preliminary obedience. I can assure them from personal experience that this is no waste, for half the battle in dog training is won if the initial work is thoroughly carried out. Field work on game will come naturally to a good cocker, but it will be useless unless you have got the dog under control and working for you instead of for himself.